Family of 8 Celebrate


An unusual birthday party will be held in Holborn to-day. Eight brothers and sisters whose ages total 606 years will be celebrating.
It is Mrs. Edith Kelly's 85th birthday. And at the party at her home in Doughty Mews will be sisters: Mrs. Rose Welford, aged 83; Mrs. Ethel Norfolk, 74; and Mrs. Lilian Warren, at 68 the "baby" of the family who will travel from Ipswich for the occasion. Brothers Albert Brunning, 78, Sidney, 76, Philip, 72, and Percy, 70, will also be there to toast their eldest sister.
Albert and William will not arrive until the evening because they still work as butchers. Percy is better known as Actor Harry Brunning and has appeared frequently on television in the past few months.

Enjoy Life

The Brunnings were all born in Southgate-road, Islington, and Mrs. Kelly says "There were ten of us, brothers and sisters, and our father earned about 25 shillings a week. But we were all well-clothed and well-fed."
Why do the Brunnings live so long? Says Mrs. Kelly: "Because we enjoy life."
Mrs. Kelly had four children, two sons, and two daughters. She has six grandchildren and they will all be popping in to say " Happy birthday " to-day. Mrs. Kelly's husband, Arthur, who owned a welding firm in Holborn for 48 years, died two years ago.