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Love from Meri & Mishka

Mishka & Meri

[Picture of Matti & Mishka] [Picture of Meri & Mishka]


Mishka is an Airedale terrier born in October 1999
who has lived with us since early December 1999


Meri is a labradoodle born in February 2007
(yellow labrador mother; white poodle father)
who has lived with us since 31st March 2007.

[Picture of Mishka]

Mishka after the snow
30 January 2003.

[Picture of Meri]
[Picture of Mishka] [Picture of Meri]

Zally & Matti

[Picture of Zally] [Picture of Matti]

Zally was an Airedale terrier
(1985 to 1999)

Matti was a yellow labrador

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