The church of St. John de Sepulchre, Norwich was filled on Saturday at the funeral service of its Vicar, the Rev. A. W. E. McComb.

Clergy and choir lined the churchyard path to await the arrival of the cortege, and Mr. F. R. Frankling at the organ played "The Lord is mindful" and "O rest in the Lord." Mr. McComb's favourite hymn "Let me come closer to Thee Jesus" and Psalm 90 were sung.

The service was conducted by Canon Lanchester, the Rev. R. Selby Strong (St. Etheldreda), and the Rev. H. C. Light (St. Margaret). Other clergy present included the Revs. H. McMullan (St. Peter Mancroft), W. G. Harwood (St. Mark), M. C. Petitpierre (St. Giles), W. Bateman (St. Stephen), W. E. Duxson (St. John Maddermarket), H. Pitts (St James), P. J. Raybould (St. Peter Parmentergate), G. G. Newman (St. George Tombland); C. A. Northway (St. Martin-at-Palace), C. M. Chamberlin (Witton), F. J. P. Wallis (St. Laurence), W. H. W. Pipe (St. Matthew, Thorpe Hamlet), and A. D. Schreiber (Spixworth).

The family mourners were Mrs. and Miss McComb, Mrs. George Love (Beccles), and Miss Barrett.

Representing the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital were Mr. Frank Inch (house governor and secretary). Miss Stolworthy (matron), Miss Francis (assistant matron) and Miss Thomson (sister housekeeper). Mr. Blaxland represented the hon. medical staff of the Hospital.

Also present were Sisters of All Hallows Mission and St. Augustine's Lodge, Miss Taylor (Cavell Home), Mrs. Vincent Provost, Mr. H. J. Starling, Mrs. Frank Jewson, Mrs. Cushing, Miss P. M. Podd, Mr. H. C. Westgate, Mr. R. A. Mountain, Mr. J. H. Taggart, Mr. Russell Sheuherd (Blofield Church), Mr. F. Mortimer, Mrs. F. B. Williams, Mr. R. E. Wheeler, Mr. Arthur F. Barrett, Mr. C. A. Butler, Mrs. Light, Miss Hanshaw, Mrs. Cushing, Miss Podd, Mr. G. Gooch, Mrs. H. Booker, Mrs. M. E. Betts, Mrs. H. Green, Mrs. D. Fulcher, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. E. Brett, Mr. C. W. Dickinson, Miss Rix, Mrs. Webber, Mrs. Greengrass, Mrs. Gizzi, Miss B. Goymer, Miss Girdlestone, Mr. W. Allen, Mr. H. Ward, Mrs. Sharpe, Mrs. Bardwell, Mrs. Nicholls, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Barrett, Miss English, Miss Wittrick, Mr. L. E. Tayor, Mrs. Nobbs, Miss Ford, Miss J. Curtis, Mr. A. O. Parker, Mrs. Cousins, Miss E. Gay, Mrs. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. G. Webster, Mr. J. Butler, Mrs. E. Boardman, Miss Frere, Mrs. and Miss M. Ewing, Miss Bush, Mrs Rayner, Miss E. Barrett, Mrs. and Miss V. Hill, Mr. S. Lessiter, Mrs. Thurston, Mrs. Downes, Miss Williamson, Mrs. C. R. Day, Miss Ebbage, Mrs. Brett, Mr. R. Moore, Mrs. W. Abbott, Mr. A. Wright, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. F. Gooch, Miss D. Roper, Miss High, Misses E. and H. Mace, Mrs. Amiss, Mrs. Sayer, Mr. W. Barrett, Miss Horrex, Mrs. G. Gooch, Mrs. Ward. Mrs. Davison, Mrs. Hancock, Mrs. Smith, Mr. F. M. Cogman, Miss R. Freeser, Mrs. Cocks, Miss L. Bush, Miss Woolner, Miss Martin. Mr. W. J. Martin, Mr. W. Butler, Mrs. Huekle, Mrs. Amiss, Miss Briggs. Miss Dunnell, Miss Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Sidell, Miss Adams, Mrs Portnell, Miss Wilson, Mr. A. R. Day. Mr. A. W. Johnson, Nurse Shand, Mr. H. Walker, Miss Barron, Mr. J. Rudd.

The interment was at the Cemetery.

Wreaths were sent:

The funeral arrangements were personally carried out by Mr. W. C. Goose, of Hall Road, Norwich.