William McComb

My mother's great grandfather, William McComb, lived in Dublin, Ireland. I have not yet discovered very much about him. He was married in 1847 to Maria Taylor. The names, dates and residences given on the marriage certificate (almost) prove that they are the parents of William Taylor McComb. I have found evidence of one other son, Colonel R. B. McComb, but I do not know if there were other children.

St. Ann's Church Dublin in 1850
circa 1850

These marriage details are as follows:

25th September 1847 - St. Ann's Church, Dublin
William McComb, Bachelor, Merchant of 60 William St., son of James McComb, Farmer
Maria Taylor, Spinster, of 106 Bride Street, daughter of Theophilus Taylor, Merchant
Both are stated to be 'of full age'.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites & Ceremonies of the United Church of England & Ireland by licence by me And N Baldin
in the presence of us Andw Mc Killop and Thos Holmes.
The Dublin directory for 1850 shows that Theophilus Taylor had two addresses: he is shown as a hardware merchant at 106 Bride Street and as Esq. at 19 Charlemont Place. This second address is a link to William Taylor McComb - see below.

The records of Queen's University Belfast show that William Taylor McComb entered the university on 19 October 1869 at age 18. He had been educated at Dundalk Grammar School and lived at 19 Charlemont Place, Dublin, Ireland. His father was William McComb.

This address, by the Grand Canal in Dublin, is not far from 1 Wilton Terrace, where William Taylor McComb's future parents in law (and probably wife) were living in 1873 according to some old legal documents. Just across the canal is a house owned by her relations, the Kelletts.

Regrettably, most of these buildings have been the subject of redevelopment and most of these houses no longer exist. There is now a Hilton hotel occupying much of Charlemont Place. One exception is 60 William Street where there is now a hairdresser: this building probably looks much the same as in 1847.

60 South William Street, Dublin

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