Elias Henriquez Melhado

Elias Henriquez Melhado was born around 1827 to Daniel and Judith Melhado and is mentioned in his mother Judith's will dated 1853. He married Jemima Hunter Kellett in Florence on 1st February 1855 and is described in Burke's Peerage as a Captain in the Royal Renfrew Militia, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. There was a marriage contract relating to Jemima's interests in some Glasgow property.

There are records of these properties in the Scottish Archives "Register of Sasines" which describe Elias as a "gentleman" and the "youngest son of Daniel Melhado of London & Kingston Jamaica". We have copies of some of these documents. Some other family members are also mentioned, notably Gordon Cowan Melhado. Gordon was described at his marriage in 1880 as a 'banker's clerk' and the son of Daniel Melhado: the latter must have been one of Elias's brothers (not his father).

Elias and Jemima had two children. Their daughter Evelyn Augusta Kellett Melhado, who was my great grandmother, was born in London on 3rd February 1856. Her brother, William Hunter Melhado, was born in Dublin around 1859. The 1901 census shows William at the same address as Elias and Jemima - Hyde Park Mansions, Marylebone, London - along with one of Jemima's sisters, Augusta Henrietta Kellett.

Jemima died aged 75 of 'senile decay' in London on 31st August 1902. Elias died of old age (aged 91) on 8th November 1918 in London and is described as "of independent means" on his death certificate. His daughter, Evelyn Augusta Kellett McComb, is quoted as informant. She married William Taylor McComb.

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