The Melhado family in Jamaica

The Melhado family is mentioned in the published records of the Sephardic congregation for Kingston "Kaal Kadosh Shahar Ashamaim": the Melhado births, marriages and deaths were extracted by another researcher. They seem to cover several families, including those notable as possible relatives:

  • Daniel H and Judith Melhado - almost certainly my great great grandparents - had several children born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Later, probably before 1830, they moved to London - their son Elias was born there in 1827. Daniel had a Sun Fire insurance policy on a house in Finsbury Square in London from 1822.
    24 February 1812 - Alexander (see below)
    20 May 1814 - Daniel and Michael (twins)
    11 July 1818 - Sarah
    13 May 1820 - Daniel
    7 December 1824 - Eliahim

  • Elias (very possibly the brother of my great great grandfather) and Sarah Melhado had three children:
    7 September 1810 - Caleb
    11 March 1815 - Nathaniel
    26 May 1817 - Solomon
    and later records show:

    5 July/August 1834 - death of Sarah, wife of Elias Hqs. Melhado
    13 April 1835 - marriage of Elias Henriques Melhado to Benvenista, widow of Jacob Isl. Henriques
    10 December 1837 - death of Elias Henriques Melhado

  • Jacob Henriques and Rebecca Melhado married and had children:

    23 March 1825 - marriage of Jacob Henriques Melhado to Rebecca, of Daniel H. Melhado
    2 October 1826 - birth of Hannah Miriam
    6 February 1828 - birth of Judith

    Other records include:

  • 17 April 1829 - marriage of Benjamin H. Melhado to Rachel of Isaac Mendez

    and several children

    Another interesting source of information about Jamaican families is "The Jews of Jamaica" tombstone inscriptions 1663-1880 by Richard D. Barnett & Philip Wright (ISBN 965-235-068-0). This has around 20 Melhado records, mostly in Kingston and Spanish Town, including the following sons of Daniel and Judith:

    Jacob D. Melhado, 9th September 1810, aged 1 year and 2 months - Spanish Town
    Alexander, 7th September 1815, aged 3 years, 6 months and 14 days - Spanish Town
    Louis, 27th August 1827, aged 2 years and 8 months - Kingston

    The records also include Elias and Sarah (as mentioned above) in Kingston:

    Sarah, wife of Elias Melhado, 5th July 1834, aged 49 (i.e. born c.1785)
    Elias Melhado, 11th December 1837, aged 47 (i.e. born c.1790)
    Jacob Henriques Melhado and his wife Sarah (buried in Kingston) might well have been Daniel's parents if the usual naming conventions were followed:

    Sarah, wife of Jacob Henriques Melhado, 5th September 1789, aged 45 (i.e. born c.1744)
    Jacob Henriques Melhado, 9th February 1802, aged 69 years and 12 days (i.e. born 1733)
    There are also several of another family, Dr. Emanuel and Lunah Melhado, in various places - and the death of Benjamin above:
    Benjamin H[enrique]s Melhado, 5th February 1870, aged 87

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