Born, April 15th, 1850, in London, England. Of English ancestry. Son of ...

Educated at the Collegiate Schools of Chenhurst, Hertfordshire, England.

Emigrated to N.B. and settled in Hillsboro, Albert County. Entered the business and employ of the Albert Manufacturing Co. operators of plaster quarries and plaster mills. Became General Manager of the firm. Was a member of the Albert County Municipal Council for several years. Took an active interest in all public affairs, and was an active supporter of the Anglican Church. Was Church Warden and a Delegate to the Synod.

Married to Miss Laura Esther Tompkins, daughter of Tompkins, Esq., Rondout, New York, founder and owner of the Albert Manuf. Co.

By this marriage there was a family of one son and one daughter.

Unsuccessfully contested Albert Co. for the House of Assembly at the G.E. of Jan. 20th, l890.

First elected to the House of Assembly, as one of the members for Albert Co., at a Bye-election held Jan. 23rd, l897, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of the sitting member, Dr. William J. Lewis (q.v.) Re-elected at the G.E.'s of 1899, and l903, and sat as member until the dissolution of the legislature in 1908. At the G.E. of March 3rd, 1908, he was defeated, and subsequently retired from active politics.

At the Session of Feb., 1897, he moved the address in reply to the speech from the Throne.

On March 6th, l907, he was chosen as Speaker of the House of Assembly, which position he held until the dissolution of the Legislature in 1908.

He died, April l3th, 1922, at his residence, Hillsboro., N.B., aged seventy-one years. Survived by his widow and one son. Buried in the Anglican Churchyard Cemetery, Hillsboro, N.B. Mrs. Osman (b. May 5th, 1858), died July 20th, 1925, at Rondout, New York. Buried in St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery, Hillsboro, N.B.

In Politics: a Liberal. In Religion: Church Of England.


1. Dau: Mary Sophia (b. Jan 12th, 1879 - d. Dec. 13th, 1895).
2. Son: Conrad Joseph (q.v.) (b. Sept 5, 1897 - d. Sept. 11, 1948) M.L.A. Albert Co., 1927-1930.

Taken from MC 1156 Graves papers. Note that there some errors.