OSMAN, Hon. Charles Joseph, Manufacturer, late of Hillsboro, Albert County, N. B. Hon. Charles Joseph Osborn was born within the sound of the Bow Bells at Kensington, London, England on April 22nd, 1850. He was educated at a boys’ school at Chestnut England, and at the age of fifteen took up commercial pursuits at the London Docks.

At the age of twenty he made a pleasure voyage to Canada in a sailing ship, landing at Chatham, N. B., and was so pleased with the province that he decided to remain here. His first position was that of accountant with a concern which had a contract on a section of the Intercolonial Railway, then under construction. In 1877 he removed to Hillsboro, Albert Co., and accepted the position of Secretary to the Hillsboro Manufacturing Co.

In that year he married Laura E., daughter of Joseph C. Tompkins, President of the Company, and on his death in 1887, succeeded him as President and General Manager of the concern. After serving as a Municipal Councillor he was elected to the N. B. Legislative Assembly in 1897 as the colleague of Hon. H. R. Emmerson, was re-elected in 1899, and 1903; and in 1907 was elected to the Speakership of that body.

Genial and witty, he was one of the most popular men who ever held a seat in the House. His only son, Conrad J. Osman, served overseas during the Great War with an artillery unit.

Hon. C. J. Osman passed away on April 13th, 1922, greatly mourned.

Note that there are some inaccuracies in this note: his name is wrong in one place; he was born in Kennington London; he was educated in Cheshunt